Steph and I went to get milk bubble tea and the lady handed us a bright orange straw and a white straw and Steph without even looking at me handed me the orange straw and said “i know you want this one” and that’s probably the most defining moment of our friendship tbh

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it’s been like a normal day but w the week i’ve had everything seems brilliant and lovely thank god

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just got the first good news I’ve gotten all week about this whole situation everyone cross ur fingers and pray to a deity of ur choice that it stays this way

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oh my god

oh my god

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I just. need one thing. one good thing. to happen. soon.

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Matthew Cusick

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i’m literally shaking and feel sick to my stomach rn i hate all of this so much

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white girls be like

this is iconic

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hah a ha and everything just go tworse 

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