hello my name is satvika (she/her/hers) and i blog about anime and social justice and cry over fictional characters and the state of the world

"always do what you're afraid of"


"Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.”

-Douglas Adams

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      i reblogged that one chromosome jewelry post wout reading all the way through it and it was cissexist as fuck i deleted it sorry!!

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        i can’t wait to go to an indian party again so when all the men get together to do their dude bro-nding (get it bro-bonding? bronding? i’m HILARIOUS) while getting drunk and not listening to their wives because they’re adults dammit they can do what they want even if it means hurting someone who the fuck cares they’re the ~man of the house~ and shit on politics i can just slither up next to them and whisper in their ears “research says you’re wrong sit the fuck down” and they won’t listen to me bc i’m a girl and then i pull all this fucking shit and statistics out of my ass and get them to sit the fuck down and that’s why this is worth it

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              condesces asked "did my holla go through or did you go offline. damn"

              i don’t think it went thru i also did go offline tho BUT HOLLA RECEIVED /BLOWS KISSES/ <3

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                  moderatelywhelmed asked "no romo tho"


                  (i am hella lithro i UNDERSTAND)

                    bustermachineseven asked "hey babe (if i weren't underage THEN TOTALLY)"

                    HELL YEAH <33